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400 Series Stainless Tube

400 series stainless tube features high strength, high wear resistance and great rust protection, which makes it a popular choice for automotive suppliers.

409 Stainless Steel Tube

409 stainless steel tube is especially useful for applications where oxidation or corrosion protection beyond the capacity of carbon steel and some coated steels is needed. Current applications include automotive and truck exhaust systems, including tubular manifolds; agricultural spreaders, gas […]

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436 Stainless Steel Tube

436 stainless steel tube is a ferritic grade of stainless steel that outperforms Type 409 in oxidation resistance and corrosion testing. The addition of molybdenum enhances pitting resistance when compared to other ferritic materials such as Type 409, Type 430 […]

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439 Stainless Steel Tube

439 stainless steel tube is a ferritic stainless steel that outperforms Type 409 and Type 436 in both oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. Special attention to chemical composition combined with special processing give 409 stainless steel tube optimum formability that […]

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