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Coated Steel Tube

A variety of metallic coatings ups the ante on resistance to corrosion, heat and wear.

Aluminized Steel Tube

Continuous hot-dip coating layers an aluminum-silicon alloy layer over steel, creating a tube with the strength of steel, the corrosion protection of aluminum and the heat resistance of an aluminum-silicon alloy. Ideal for heat resistant fabrication.

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Galvanized Steel Tube

Steel tubing receives an allover zinc coating to protect against the most corrosive environments, making it a popular choice for automotive, appliance, HVAC and construction fabricators. Available in conventional galvanized, galvalume, galvannealed and electrogalvanized.

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Zinc Nickel Steel Tube

Add high performance to your fabrications with this efficient, economical coating with minimal environmental impact. Zinc-nickel provides the best corrosion resistance and hard wearing protection. Easily powder coated, it’s well-suited for automotive part fabrication.

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