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Why Work at Phillips Tube Group?

Dustin Lepper

Director, Human Resources at Middletown Tube Works

May 11, 2017

The flexibility and perks of a small, family-owned business. The might and opportunities of a large corporation.

You’ve heard the stereotypes.

The family-owned business pays more attention to your needs as an employee. And they’ll take better care of you and treat you like one of their own – part of the family.

The big corporation? They’re all about big results for flashy, household brands. Work there and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to advance your career, develop and learn from the best.

So, where does Phillips Tube Group fall on the scale of large vs. small company? Right in the middle. We’re a solid mix of both!

4 Reasons Why We’re a Cut Above the Rest.

1. Better-than-a-pay-raise benefits
At the Phillips Tube Group companies, excellent benefits are merely the baseline. Those include outstanding medical coverage, a better-than-average 401k match, tuition reimbursement, and a whole lot more.

What else? The company outings, the Christmas dinners, the Thanksgiving turkeys – we take great pride in making sure that some of the “niceties” that have been removed from larger corporations are still alive and kicking for our people.

To us, these aren’t good-to-haves. They’re part of our culture and extend to the way we do business.


2. Grow with us
We also take great pride in helping our team members develop, fine-tune their skills and become leaders.

Case in point? You’d be hard pressed to find someone here that retires with the same job title they started with.

If they want to, that’s their prerogative. But the majority of our crew have advanced into better-paying, more technical jobs that suit their newly developed skillsets. While we grow, you grow with us. Speaking of growth…


3. Management that started from the bottom
All of our supervisors (seriously, all of them) are home-grown. They started out in positions they now supervise. We helped them develop through training, teaching and encouragement, and they advanced.

Here, loyalty isn’t just a word. It’s part of our DNA. And when our team members show us loyalty, we show it right back in the form of career advancement, plus a competitive 401k to boot.


4. Be part of our storied history
While the Phillips Tube Group now operates three steel mills (two in Ohio and one in Alabama) and services some of the world’s largest, most respected automotive and HVAC heavyweights, it wasn’t always this way.

Ralph Phillips, the company’s founder, started it all out of his garage back in the 1960s.

Sure, we’ve grown extensively over the years and become a top steel tubing manufacturer, but we’ve never lost our soul along the way. Our mission is and always will be to:

  • Satisfy the customer. Give them what they need, when they need it. And they’ll come back.
  • Understand who makes #1 happen: our people. Treat them right. Treat them like family. And make sure that when they show us loyalty, we return the favor.

No magic bullets here. I believe any magic bullets that existed in the business world ended up as lead thrown down the firing range a long time ago. We make our hay the old fashioned way!

How about we sling some hay together and make great things happen? View our career opportunities.