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5 Solid Ways Phillips Tube Group Shortens Your Time to Market

Marvin Phillips

VP of Manufacturing at Middletown Tube Works

May 11, 2017

It’s common for a new customer or a prospective one to question us on lead time.

“Can you really deliver that fast?”

When say we have four- to six-week turnaround times, we mean it. We’re incredibly proud to manufacturer some of the most consistent and reliable steel tube, but we’re just as proud to ship it to you when we said we would.

That’s what keeps you in good standing with your customers, and speeds up your time to market.

Here’s how we make it possible:


1. More mills. More capability.
Equipped with 27 steel tube mills, we produce a wide range of tube sizes and material thicknesses. We’re also tooled to manufacture diameters ranging from .315” to 5.00” round tube and multiple shaped tubes.

The capacity of these mills gives us the flexibility to meet your demands. Their capability and variety of tooling makes us your one-stop source for all things steel tube.


2. Fine-tuned processes optimize production time and minimize cost.
We become a true partner with our customers when we consistently meet their needs. A lot goes into that beyond simply milling steel tube.

These are some of the ways we keep your operation flowing because we know what a serious supply chain disruption could mean for your business.


3. We use better steel.
You know the saying. “Put good in it. Get good out.” The same goes for steel tube. It’s why we source 85% of our steel from AK Steel. Its consistent, reliable steel is the industry’s highest rated, which makes for better products on your end and fewer line losses. 


4. We’re in it for the long haul.
About 50% of our customers have been with us for over 15 years. That’s an eternity in this line of work. By forging long-term, meaningful partnerships with our customers, we get to know their complex operations inside and out, forecast better, and even improve over time.


5. We can back all this up.
All this talk means squat if we can’t deliver. Our 99.99% delivery rate is a testament to our process, people and breadth of capabilities – all centered on growing your company’s bottom line.